Balancing Work and Your Child's School's Work

The normal life of a POTR parent is a life that makes you balance work and kids, but now we got a new job and it's being a teacher. In my state, the school is still close and distance learning is our only option. I had to learn how to balance being a working single parent and a teacher, here are some of the ways I figured out how to make the new normal a little easier.

Scheduling is very important for your kids and you to be successful. My daughter's classes start at 7-am and then there is a mid-day break. Taking her schedule into consideration I would schedule conference calls when I knew she would be busy that way doing her breaks I would assist her with her work and make sure she stayed on top of the work.

Group Study Sessions- When I'm having to send out emails and really need to focus on work, my daughter and I have time work sessions where she works on her classwork or completes her reading assignments. At the end of the study sessions, we watch a movie or play one of her favorite games, this teaches her patience and how to remain focused on the task at hand.

2020 is filled with stress and adapting to the new normal for your kid's education shouldn't add to your stress load. As a Parent On The Run, we are always balancing life and our work, and I hope reading this week's blog has helped make being a POTR a little easier.

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